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  • Miroir Magazine – Interview with the Artist Giulia Danese

    In my series, besides create the concept, i want personally design and craft every costumes, scenography or also some props and this is a process that can take months of preparation.
    For “The Upcoming End of Byzantium” my last project, in particular, it took about three months of full-time work only for preparation.
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  • Miroir Magazine – Historique –

    Working for a long time for artists of all kinds and for film productions and events, I recently started a series of personal productions that are intended to allow me to reconcile the various disciplines of my work back ground, where over the years | have gained experience with roles of artistic direction, costume design, set design and art design.


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  • Jazzy Girl Magazine Issue No.32 – June 2019

    Jazzy Girl Magazine Issue No.32 – June 2019

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  • Nephilim Magazine

    Model: Moony Mara
    HMUA: Mooney Mara
    Fashions: Giulia Danese
    Style: Giulia Danese
    Photos: Daimen Papè
    Art: Vince Voltage

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